CPC’s identity is built around a strong and universal symbol, the sun. It reflects its mission to produce power while, in respecting the environment. The symbol and the name are the two elements that constitute the logotype.


The blue colour of “CPC” reminds the two substances from which power is produced by the plant: the gas and the water.

CPC and Carthage, society and city, are born from the same spirit and the same desire: the spirit of pioneer and the desire for a better future. The designation of “Carthage Power Company” is highly charged historically. Carthage is in the cradle of all the Mediterranean civilization and symbolizes the power of the region in the antique world. Carthage was also the symbol of safety and the permanence of civilization in the western Mediterranean. The Company expresses therefore its affiliation to the Tunisian area and its admiration toward its rich cultural, world open heritage. Proud of its name and honored by its evocation, the Company claims proudly its Tunisian identity.


The sun constitutes a graphic declination of the Company’s activities: the power generation. The specificity of this energy source is that it respects the environment. Common to everybody, the sun symbolizes life and harmony/equilibrium. This symbol illustrates perfectly CPC willingness to:

  1. Contribute to sustainable development.
  2. Bring warmth and support to needy children by way of social actions.
  3. Constitute a structure full of capabilities and resources.
The bright orange sun color translates the Company’s vitality and the safety assured to the power plant personnel. The color is known for its stimulating and soothing virtues.




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