CPC took various actions to help to improve the quality of life of the children. The first initiative taken by CPC was the sponsorship of two schools in the governorship of Ben Arous:

   In 2002, the Taieb M’hiri primary school of Radès was renovated with repairing amongst other things, the fence, the sanitary facilities, the doors and the windows.

   This same operation was re-initiated in 2003 with the Sidi Saad school of Mornag. The ONAS undertook connection with the network of used water, the doors and windows were remade, the walls of the school were painted, the toilet blocks were arranged and the cracks of the interior and external rooms were repaired.

Moreover, at each start of the school year, the needy pupils of these schools receive all the necessary school stationery (books, copybooks, schoolbags, aprons...).

CPC also makes donations to the handicapped of Ras Jbel area (Bizerte) and to the blind children of the Ennour school of Ben Arous.

CPC insists on continuing and developing its policy of assistance to schools. This fits perfectly in the spirit of CPC, which consists in taking part in the reinforcement of the foundations of tomorrow’s civil society.



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